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Before data binding was a popular method in UI libraries, the Tag property allowed you to place an Identifier that might be associated with a backend object (in Windows Forms the Tag property was an object, so you could place the entire object into the Tag). ...


Quoting from the docs for UIView... tag Property An integer that you can use to identify view objects in your application. Assuming you've seen the docs for such attributes, you're probably really asking why people still use them today. They are there as a convenience to developers to use however they want. In an object graph containing multiple objects ...


I would say that it is the Single responsibility principle. Even though it was first applied to Object Orientation, the underlying principle is valid even on non-OO environments - one thing, one job. In object-oriented programming, the single responsibility principle states that every class should have responsibility over a single part of the ...


It's consistency, or also "principle of least astonishment". However, your less formal definition seems fine too, more pragmatic.

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