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"Local", "centralized" and "distributed" are synonymous with "here", "there" and "both", respectively. The only thing that is neither here nor there, is nowhere. So I guess the only other type of version control is "Non-Existent VCS" which, unfortunately, is still quite prevalent in the industry.


Local VCS, Centralized VCS and Distributed VCS are various ways to set up version control infrastructure. Git specifically is a distributed version control system where every client contains an entire history of the project. Team Foundation Server and Subversion are examples of a centralized version control system, where a central server contains the ...


You seem to be trying to solve a problem created by mixing content and style together. Webpages (good ones anyway) solve this problem by using cascading style sheets to decide style while content is kept in html (or xml, or json, or...). By separating these two concerns they can change independent of each other. Indirection can also help. If the string ...

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