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If you're looking for free and support for closed source, I'd take a good look at Visual Studio Online. It's free for up to 5 devs, and being by yourself... well... yeah. This is a post 4 years later so you're situation has likely changed, but for other individual devs looking for easy source control VSO is one of my favorite choices if I don't want to ...


Sourceforge always shows download stats, but these are unreliable - while they do show downloads for a package, they do not show downloads for source code via the SCM interface, nor do they consider the same file being downloaded multiple times by the same user. Similarly for repositories like github, they don't even bother with download stats at all. You ...


The problem seems to me that you are working excessively long on branches. Cost of conflicts grows exponentially with the length everyone stays on a branch, so with very long conflicts you have little chance of doing any refactoring.


Another feature that's really cool about repos is that you can do really risky experiments / features in another branch. If it works out then you can merge as part of your main code. If it doesn't or you run out of time, then you can abandon it (saved) and switch back to your main code with the option to return to it later without it messing up your main ...

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