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Let me offer my take on this question. Although you certainly can simply use your .SLN file as your 'build process', the file itself really doesn't constitute a build process. The Solution file is really just a part of Visual Studio and is used for development. But Visual Studio is only a part of the build and release process. You can't rely on Solutions ...


Is there a way to sort code properly into regions dividing methods and events? No. Is there a way to sort code properly divide methods and events? Yes. Follow the resharper guidelines, sorting by accessibility and then alphabetically. You can then use ctrl+e, ctrl+c (code cleanup) to use resharper to sort them for you.


Regions shouldn't be used. Never. If you want to organize methods, properties, fields, events, etc., you may be interested in following StyleCop rules and in making StyleCop checking mandatory during every commit. Also, if you're currently writing code in a basic text editor, you may be interested in moving to Visual Studio, where methods, properties, ...

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