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You need to learn how to use SQL. If you've learn any programming language now it is just the same but like other language it has it know commands and syntax. I learned SQL from http://www.w3schools.com/sql/ and connecting a project to SQL from https://msdn.microsoft.com. Manipulation of data can be done from SQL or code of the language you prefer.


I had enterprise 2015 installed on Windows 10 and it was running it just fine. I also had Xamerin installed as well, Android studio, and eclipse. Not much in the way of issues, it may lag a bit.


You should use the community edition. Individual developers or 1-5 developers in a non-enterprise organization can use Visual Studio Community Edition to develop for-profit software, including mobile software (source). Web Essentials no longer installs itself with Visual Studio and can instead be found as an extension (link). Make sure you read the ...


As you've found out, code works fine regardless of which file you put it in. So it comes down to organization... where will you put things? What I've found is that any departure from the "standard" conventions makes it very difficult to navigate through a code base of any significant size. You say you have this little helper class, but where the hell is ...


In general, the idea of one Class or Module per file is something I first noticed in Java (I believe it is/was a requirement there). C# has continued this as a suggestion, and VB.NET probably now has the same suggestion somewhere. However, as the VB.NET designers decided you can only have extension methods in Modules, you've provided an example where it ...


Having done this from both sides of the table my guess would be that they want to see you program. Likely they will have some sort of simple problem you will have to solve. The best prep you can do is to practice. Create a solution, add class libs, test projects and an app, web/wpf/wcf write some code covering the technologies they mention in the job app, ...

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