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Create a pre-build step to run XSD.EXE before each build. I found 2 other answers on SO that explain how to automate this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14897750/automate-xsd-exe-during-build http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2990684/automatically-generate-xsd-to-c-sharp-in-visual-studio-ide The second one refers to a tool called XSD2code which is on ...


The answer largely depends on how often you expect your types to change in a way that would force changes to the schema. If changes occur rarely or not at all, the easiest thing to do from a maintainer's standpoint may very well be to duplicate the values in a static XSD document. If changes occur frequently, you may be better off coming up with a way to ...


You could, instead of using banned.h, write a Clang analysis program that analyzes your source code. You can use it to enforce whatever coding rules or guidelines you like, not just the banning of a specific set of C functions, and it can also query the source location of any given code and implement location-specific rules.


After much debate, we found a method that we like, but it involved other substantial changes to the project. We turned on pre-compiled headers. Within the pre-compiled header, we first include any and all system headers (and other third-party library headers) that are not compliant with banned.h, and then we include banned.h. This has a lot of properties ...


Visual Studio community edition appears to provide access to the VS object model. I was able to create a project and do basic code editing with no issues. I've just started but it looks like this solves my issue.

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