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So when so many interesting things are moving around your head, and making you a bit stressed out, what is the best approach to follow? Pick one subject / technology and study that. Then when you have mastered that one (to a sufficient level) move onto the next one. Also, don't try to be good at everything. It is not humanly possible. And it is ...


I would put it into the Service layer. It doesn't make sense for you to do it in a NEW Controller. You can even do the remote call directly in your controller if you are sure that other controllers don't need to do a similar thing.


Erlang. Designed for 100% uptime for the telecoms industry. Its designed so you can run duplicate modules in an application, removing one and updating before switching them so you can upgrades without downtime. Its also deigned to reduce the kind of situations that require downtime at all. Generally speaking, once you've got the basics of a server-side ...


Seth is pretty spot-on but just to add to his post: One of the biggest security risks in self-hosting is called root-access where they basically have access to all the files you uploaded on the server and possibly any databases. And of course they also have the power to make any modifications they like. Hosting companies usually have good enough security to ...


You technically could set up a web server out of your home, and yes, you would let it run day and and night if you wanted your site(s) to be accessible to others, but there are a number of reasons that you should not do this. Reasons off the top of my head: Security - There are folks who cruise the interweb, looking for people like you who expose their ...


You Should consider using php with MySQL database. xampp will work good up to 100 users on the network. I have tested 100 solid connections using a i3 pc with 4 gig ram and no issues. U can style the app using css and html with php combined. Best regards. Consider using bootstrap which is always responsive for apps.


As commented, you probably don't mean strong real-time computing! Assuming you mean HTML5 you could use Ajax techniques (then Jquery could help) to periodically (e.g. every 10 seconds) query some web server (that web server could itself query some database) from inside the browser. HTTP itself is synchronous: each HTTP request gets one answer. There is ...


The resource for "About Us" is ... Us :) er, You. Think about the attributes of You that you want to publicize, and roll those up as a noun with a representation. Those values don't have to come from a database... it will probably be a bunch of string values, and those can come from config, or maybe even hard-coded in a class.


I would keep my view's independent of the back-end. You can ask the back-end for resources such as things that go on the accordion, the navigation bar, and other objects that pertain to the body. However, you should leave the processing of these resource representations to your client code, which will eventually render them as per the requirements.

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