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It seems to be due to a fundamental disagreement between Alan Kay versus the people (primarily Tim Berners-Lee) who designed the web, about how such a system should work. The ideal browser, according to Kay, should really be a mini operating system with only one task: To safely execute code downloaded from the internet. In Kays design, the web does not ...


On MacOS, the directory separator is :, on Windows, it is \, and on VMS, it is .. MacOS is no longer in use, though. OSX uses /, but continues to support :. Windows largely supports /, although for some APIs, you must use \.


Of the popular software today there are only two different directory seperators: / and \ . Windows being the one using \ also happens to support / of all the api's and command line tools accepting a file path as argument. I have often on windows used / as a seperator from both Java and .NET code and I have never experienced any trouble. To answer your ...

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