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Yes, MS-DOS included a check for the "MZ" signature. I believe it (the stub) was originally included because the was a fair amount of time that Windows ran entirely as a "shell" around MS-DOS and early versions of Windows (before 3.0) were nearly unusable for running MS-DOS programs. As such, it was fairly routine for people to have Windows installed, and ...


You're right, if you've written a Windows-only console you need to port the code in it to Linux or Mac. How hard that is depends a lot on what you wrote it in, and how you wrote it. Note that it is possible to run the console on Windows and connect to it via a network connection (if you wrote it to have this capability). As for ASP.NET, this is a ...


As far as I know, ASP.NET MVC applications can run only on IIS, which is only available on Windows. This will change with the latest ASP.NET 5, which will run in the DNX (.NET Execution Environment). DNX supports running cross-platform console applications, so consider looking here:


Generically the answer is to use Powershell and Powershell remoting to perform at least some of these tasks. As Powershell is a general purpose scripting language for Windows it will enable you to do the majority of things you need - although you'd want to do so by other means than opening a remote console and using that to transfer files. In terms of ...

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