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If you are concerned about performance, and have more than a few shape-like objects on the screen, you cannot use controls. You need a library that provides mouse events and paints the objects for you, all in a single control. You can create your own, or use some pre-built ones. The flow-chart itself will need specialized layout routines.


Obviously WinForms does not natively support one design pattern over another - the one that might not work is MVVM because you cannot "bind" data to the view model and have it update the data directly. Otherwise - I would attempt WinForms with MVP - I've seen that done before - here's a link to look at https://winformsmvp.codeplex.com/


Exceptions denote exceptional cases, which I think is in your case. Assuming I am understanding your question correctly, returning an empty/null result could also imply that the input was [4][4][4][0], so there was nothing to return, rather than an empty or malformed input array. I would suggest that wrap that exception with an exception of your own, ...

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