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It can be extremely hard to unit test code that relies on complex system frameworks, even for very experienced programmers. I would try to unit test as much other code as you can first. (also, never put it code that you have to manually change between debug and release versions! It's inevitable you'll make a mistake somewhere)


Pragmatic coding means we work around the limitations that the current software stack imposes. In your particular case, with your particular understanding of the stack, you're running into a challenge. You've identified a work-around and you've made things work for the time being. I think that's a perfectly valid approach since you're fulfilling the ...


If you're using GitHub as your central Git repository, you could take a look at Travis CI. It's a cloud-based CI system, so you don't have to manage the server yourself. I'm thinking of trying this out for some of my open-source projects. If you want to stick with Apple's tools all the way, try out Bots. It ships as part of Xcode Server. I've been ...

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