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The service provider is correct, and the DLL that you use for signing the document is incorrectly inserting whitespace. Here's the relevant part of the XML specification: An XML processor must always pass all characters in a document that are not markup through to the application The newlines inserted by the signing code are not considered markup: ...


I have currently my config files in the build process, however whenever i will have the opportunity i will externalize them. Here is a general answer : Because the client may need to change some parameters without having a new delivery. Let's say we use a database, and for a specific reason, the client wants to change the database to point to a new ...


If you mean that they should be able to import their existing files, then you will have to create a mapping to translate each of the existing Amazon, Newegg, ... formats into your database. For XML feeds that means mapping XPath expressions to your columns. For flat file feeds it means mapping the headers in the flat file to your database columns.

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