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1) Where your manager is right Your manager wants a flexible architecture. To accomplish this, you have to design our code, that it is easily composed of pluggable components. What according to him is pluggable is obtaining object instances through Java Reflection That is a way to organize object creation and is how DI-frameworks do their job. ...


A few benchmark runs might help establish why your applications are slow. Then a demonstration of a dramatic improvement by a change in methodology could be suggested.


Personally, I'd rather not use a separate document store service and document id, but a URL to access the documents (with proper header authentication). With this approach you won't need other services to rely on the document service rather it could just use the full URL to access the document.And also it makes sense when it comes to scaling as well, you ...


If the ID returned by your document store is the way to reference documents throughout the system, then it makes sense for all services to accept that 'Document ID' on their API when the service needs to know which document it needs to work with. This does not necessarily create a tighter coupling between the services than needed. Services that need to ...


Does anyone know how the rainbow unicorns (Netflix, Amazon, Google, etc.) handle large files / data exchange between their services? Unfortunately I do not know how they deal with such problems. The problem is this - Does it make sense for all our microservices to be accepting this unique ID as part of their API for the purposes of interacting with ...


Why don't you go with just custom JSON as a list of validation rules? It is easier to read, write and understand than XML Schema. Those currently are a bit out of fasion, you know ;)


Using IXmlSerializable There are some things to take into consideration when implementing this interface and you should check to see if your intended use is compatible with this. Big advantage of this approach is that you can serialize what are otherwise private or protected fields, and the fairly straightforward usage of serialization (method on the object ...

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