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Moderator ♦ Pro Tempore on Programming Puzzles & Code Golf and Puzzling.1 Come visit and puzzle with us!

I am a: Programmer2 | Ubuntu user | Android user | Piano / Viola player | Stack Exchange enthusiast


  • Contact: email andy @ [my website (see my profile)]. You are guaranteed to recieve a personal response if you mention waffles!

  • I'm active in the Tavern on the Meta and The Nineteenth Byte chatrooms (for Meta and Code Golf respectively).

1: Youngest moderator, approximately 13 years and 4 months when appointed on Code Golf on May 9th, 2014. Youngest and 45th moderator of 2 sites, approximately 13 years and 5 months when appointed on Puzzling on Jun 4th, 2014.

2: Working knowledge of JavaScript / jQuery, HTML, CSS, Ruby, Python, Java, and regex. Learning C++ and Android.

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