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I am a software developer. My favourite tools are Ruby, Rails, SQLite, HAML, jQuery, and heroku.com.

I have a blog called Cloud Apps Experts.

I also have a Github profile.

comment Why would programmers ignore ISO standards?
When I started using IETF RFCs, I used the ones developed well before 1995. The running code specs are the best. Otherwise you end up with too many ivory-tower chartware engineers dreaming up specs without the responsibility of making them run.
comment How to justify rewriting/revamping legacy software in a business case?
@Tjaart - Milk the cow is sometimes a great business model and sometimes a terrible business model (for the reasons you stated). But it doesn't matter what you think of the model. Many businesses will put their software into milk-the-cow mode to improve their bottom line in the short run. Also, if you were the buyer of software in milk-the-cow mode, you might be very happy if the cheapest alternative from another vendor was much more expensive in the short/medium run. And that is often reality...
comment How to convince a teammate, who sees oneself as senior, to learn SVN conceptual basics?
That is an awesome workaround!
comment Using snippets of open source code in my application
A snippet is a derived work.
comment Will HTML5/JS Eventually Replace All Client Side Languages?
@Jonas - Your own question at programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/7516/… suggests that dynamic languages lead the productivity pack.
comment Visual PHP? or Visual Ruby?
@Imran - Not a bad summary. BTW, Eclipse was descended from IBM Visual Age.
comment Will HTML5/JS Eventually Replace All Client Side Languages?
@Schnitzel - Independent developers will make money if they also build a back end.
comment Is a developer-driven product a good thing?
The bigger problem is that often people think that they are domain experts when they are not. I have seen product managers and CEOs go on about a problem that never existed in the minds of the targeted customers. Of course, these product managers and CEOs didn't spend enough time actually talking to potential customers to discover their pain points.
comment Is a developer-driven product a good thing?
And the domain expert is sometimes the manager, sometimes the developer, sometimes the CEO, sometimes the product manager, sometimes the customer support person, and sometimes the sales person.