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comment Licensing of content created by licensed code
I have an example of a licensing agreement that included such a limitation, actually. The Visual Studio Express IDEs, available for free from Microsoft, were for personal use only. You were not allowed to redistribute any application compiled by those IDEs. You had to purchase an actual copy of Visual Studio in order to sell/distribute the apps created by it. The latest incarnations of Visual Studio do not have this requirement anymore (that I could find), but that EULA was probably around for a decade or more.
answered Bad sign if nobody can comprehend one's code?
comment Is it premature optimization to add database indices?
Specifically with databases, it's usually recommended to turn indexing off before a major update, then resuming the indexing after. Even if this a production database, you may have a specific time when you should choose to turn on or turn off indexing. Indexing or not indexing is a feature of performance tuning. Indexing speeds up reads and slows down writes. Not indexing speeds up writes and slows down reads (assuming the indexes are out of date).
answered Creating n tier application
comment What exactly is a business rule?
Ask me and you'll get up to six opinions. Business rules are fickle at best, even when based on laws or procedures. The precise circumstances will depend on who's asking, what's being done, and what policies are in effect. Rules are not meant to be broken, and so business rules often dictate things that otherwise often don't make sense-- because some law requires it or some policy forbids it, whatever "it" may be.
comment Should we avoid using design patterns in constantly changing projects?
@immibis Good point. We have multiple teams, one for each major technical asset, and we often build interacting API's. But the stakeholders should write only the general "story" or requirement and let the independent groups/developers collaborate together based on documents and technical knowledge to build the final result.
comment Is it a bad idea to return different data types from a single function in a dynamically typed language?
My two cents: I hate it when that happens. I've seen JS libraries that return null when there are no results, an Object on one result, and an Array on two or more results. So, instead of just looping through an array, you're forced to determine if it's null, and if it isn't, if it's an array, and if it is, do one thing, otherwise do something else. Especially since, in the normal sense, any sane developer is going to just add the Object to an Array and recycle the program logic from handling an array.
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