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Greg Jandl

I'm a software developer in the storage networking industry, primarily doing management UIs and APIs.

C is my favorite weapon, which I reach for first unless it's especially unsuited to the task at hand. The improvements in the C++ standard with c++11 & c++14 have led me to use a bit more C++, though still has far too much "accidental complexity" for my taste. I'm starting to dabble in Rust a bit; while it's very young, it appears to have promise to be a safer high performance systems language, which might even mean a more productive one. Time will tell.

All that said, I'm flexible (I have more than 10 years of client side Java, for example), as my family and I like to revel in hedonistic pleasures such as food, clothing, and shelter.

I enjoy reading, coding, or writing at night, after my son is in bed, and playing games with or reading to or with him before he turns in.

Keeping a low profile.

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