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Computer scientist working at [A Facility] developing [Systems] that [Do Stuff] at [Places].

comment How do I prove to management that our programmers could work more productively?
I'm with @ChrisPitman - there's no reason why the OP can't apply whatever candidate technique or tool that they want for their own work. No planning? Make a personal plan and execute it. No automated testing? Make some. Last time I went through a similar drill, I'd created my own CruiseControl server with a set of Bob-only unit tests before I started showing anything to other people. It certainly worked for me!
comment Is it a waste of time to free resources before I exit a process?
@philfr, that's exactly what I mean. What's worse is when you are the one who converts your old code to general purpose use and you end up with no one to blame but yourself.... I hate that. Stupid me.
comment Is this kind of Design by Contract useless?
Dang - I was going to write the same answer. ;-) I think you should change the phrase "simple enough not to need it" to "trivial." Homework assignments are generally tiny - they don't require the writing of requirements, specs and plans. However, the programmer needs to learn those skills. If they aren't well motivated, that may be a professor problem.
comment Long term plan of attack to learn math?
+1 yep, that's the exact answer that I would have given.
comment Simple issue tracker for 1-2 developers
To help Steven out, there are many free spreadsheet solutions out there: OpenOffice / LibreOffice has the programs that I use the most myself.
comment Costs of Switching to Java
underline the framework - picking up a new IDE is rarely The One Big Risk in a project. Learning how to work in the Android environment would be an issue whether or not Java were the only supported platform.
comment What programming jobs would be best for a mathematician?
The analysis is partially programming, partially mathematical and very much a synthesis of these two with a variety of other skills.
comment What programming jobs would be best for a mathematician?
I agree - the best mathematician that I know is working with hepatitis vaccine data right now (Ph.D. biostatistics).
comment Perks for new programmers
Too bad I never convinced anyone to go for point one.... ;-)