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comment What is the history of why bytes are eight bits?
Parity was very important when dealing with early memory. Even after moving to 8 bit data bytes, there were memory chips with 9 bits to allow for parity checking.
comment Is “truthiness” a legitimate programming term?
Actually the terms "bug" as a problem was used before modern computers. Edison used in a letter 1787. It was common terms for engineering problems back then. The Grace Hopper story as a bit of irony that the bug they found was really a bug.
comment Are 9 to 5 programmers looked down upon?
Actually many companies pay you to learn, but only if it will make you more productive. That learning may be on the job, informal training, or formal classes. Also many other career fields do spend time learning outside of 9-5. They take classes, read technical journals, and work over time. Admittedly programmers tend to take it to an extreme, but we are not the only ones.
comment Does teaching programming make you a better programmer
+1 for admitting when you don't know the answer. I see far too many instructors simply make something up on the spot rather then admit they don't know everything. I've also had some good instructors who would use as an opportunity, make the students find the answer, teaching how to look things up. That needs to be carefully done so you don't discourage people from asking questions.
comment How exactly do we go from Binary/Hex to Assembly Instruction sets?
Slomojo is right, Octal, base 8 used 3 bits, was used along with hex, base 16 used 4 bits. Octal had the advantage in that everyone knew what numbers 0 to 7 represented. People how did not use Hex were often mystified by the "digits" A to F.
comment Why do people use programming books?
Books are becoming digital media. Admittedly the current generation of dedicated e-book readers like the kindle don't do well with technical books, like programming books. Given how fast the hardware is advancing, I think in just a few years you will have much better e-book readers and much better e-books to go with them. Books on programming have always been a popular way to learn new languages and technologies. I don't see this changing and with new formats books will become an even better tools for learning.
comment Logistics of code reuse (OOP)
Documentation is the key. Even you will forget what you coded 6 months ago. If it is not documented, it might as well not exist.
comment Under what conditions does it make sense to break code into many files, or merge them?
Corollary to rule of thumb; sooner or later you always come back to the code.
comment Representing timezone list
It is logical to sort by timezones, but most people will know if they are in the same timezone as a major city.
comment Do you leverage the benefits of the open-closed principle?
This is a data change, not a code change. The overtime rate should not have been hard coded.
comment Should you sacrifice code readability with how efficient code is?
In a very few cases, I would sacrifice readability for speed, but very rarely. Embedded code running high speed machinery is one case. For most software, readability is far more important.
comment Why isn't software as reliable as a car?
With software it is easier to keep adding more software, then it is to add more mechanical components. While both are "organically" grown, software is growing much faster.
comment Why isn't software as reliable as a car?
And the lines of source code in java or any other higher level languages translate in a far large amount of op codes that actually run on the CPU which in turn sends commands to dozens of support chips. You cannot even begin to compare the complexity of a modern software application to a relatively simple device like a car.
comment Does knowing Latin or other logical languages contribute to being a better programmer?
I know quite a few good French programmers as well. I am located in the USA, but I work for a Swiss company whose R&D department is in France.
comment How to find a programming mentor?
I a firm believer that there are no dumb questions. While there are many open source projects web site, sourceForge is still one of the most popular.
comment I'm graduating with a Computer Science degree but I don't feel like I know how to program
Any job looks better on a resume then a gap does.
comment Programming with ADD/ADHD
ADHD is over diagnosed, but it is real, there are studies showing differences in brain MRI and even in EEG readings. Like many conditions some suffer more then others. You can have a sever case of a mild one. Self discipline helps, but it is still going to make it more difficult for a ADHD sufferer.