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I'm done with this site unless something changes. I feel its changed too far from the original programming resource it once was, and the current moderation style is not for me.

I dislike that so much valuable information gets deleted for the sake of "maintaining a clean site", dislike the way many users are treated (particularly new ones), and dislike the way the overall culture of this site has been changing from a community of programmers out to teach and learn from each other, to an insular group of programming elitists (of course this isn't all of you, or probably even most of you. It's just a large percentage of the more active/vocal users who take part in running the site).

Anyways, I'm not interested in helping to support this site anymore, although I will be happy to take part in any initiatives to changes things.

Also, if someone makes a Q&A site for Programmers to ask questions and get answers from other Programmers about any issue related to their career choice or self-identity as a programmer, let me know. I'd love to participate in such a site again, and will help you promote it.

(And if you don't know what I'm talking about and want to learn more, check out this meta question about the site's history, and this meta post about question and closing trends)

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