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comment Strategy to serve mobile content from “m.*” subdomain?
"How does the web server detect the client is a mobile browser": it looks at the "User-Agent" string sent by the browser. As you note, you could use the same URL and just display content based on User-Agent. The idea would be to keep the information and the design separate, and use different design templates for different browsers.
comment Picture copyright laws in apps
You could make the argument that you're creating a transformative work, and that you're not harming the copyright holder's ability to profit from the work (since they're selling products, not pictures). Realistically (and I am NOT a lawyer), I'd say do it, but use smaller-size thumbnails and promptly remove any pictures on request (sort of like Google Images). It's unlikely anyone will do anything more than just request removal, if that.
comment What can I do to prevent taking on an unethical development project?
Designing the H-bomb is ethical. Using it may not be.
comment Is “funny commenting” a bad practice or not?
My main complaint with funny commenting is that I sometimes don't realize it's supposed to be funny, and spend time trying to figure out what the author meant. My own funny comments are clearly delimited to avoid this problem.
comment Secure way to remember usernames and passwords
Some people use the same password tweaked slightly w/ the site name in a consistent way. (eg, bar1netflix2rycar6ter for netflix, and change netflix to the sitename). Not super secure, but maybe better than nothing.
comment What is the best retort to “premature optimization is the root of all evil”
Isn't the original: "the LOVE of money is the root of all evil?"
comment What is the biggest trouble developers encounter when debugging?
Others have mentioned this too, but #4: regression issues. In other words, fixing 1 bug creates 2 others. And since you've already "tested and verified" that part of the code, those 2 new bugs slip by. Basically, you have test everything everytime, and no one wants to do that.
comment PHP-based indexing and search implementation
I'm assuming something like MySQL's FULLTEXT search is not an option?
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comment Dealing with frustration when things don't work
When I take a break to pee, I often have the problem solved by the time I'm walking back to my desk. It's like your subconscious is waiting for your conscious to shut up.