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comment Why do we have to use break in switch?
Your example looks more verbose than an if without any benefit. Perhaps if your example assigned a name or did month-specific work in addition to the fall-through, the utility of fall-through would be more apparent? (without commenting on whether one SHOULD in the first place)
comment Do multiple computer screens reduce productivity?
This photoshop dude thing is a BS generalization. I'm a Graphic Designer (on windows) and dual monitors are crucial. I often work from multiple file locations and just having a dedicated screen for file manipulation (e.g. windows explorer) is a HUGE win. Just manipulating 500 images in a file list is far more streamlined when you can drag them over to the proper tool without losing your place in the file list. Scrolling file dialogs is for Lusers. Throw in website work with multiple-tabs in a browser and tweaking/uploading/refreshing etc.