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comment Is a Scrum Master needed on a high performing team?
+1 this is exactly the point. Scrum is a methodology with certain aspects to follow and that implies a team has a Scrum master. And as already said, it's fully possible to work in some other way, but that is not Scrum. Not necessarily better or worse, just different.
comment What is the difference between user stories and features?
+1, this explains it well. I would not necessarily say feature == user story, except when you talk about business value or client value. In other cases, respective term might not have a meaning.
comment What kind of innovative non-cash financial benefits do I offer to my developers to retain them along with a competitive salary?
@Fanatic23: I believe it is subjective. happy is not a factor it's a state (result of something else). By "motivating environment" I do not mean physical environment or anything specific. It can be any aspect like money for someone, freedom to code whereever for someone else, courses, free food, chocolate, whatever. I simply mean that each person has their own ideal set of things that motivate them and only they know what they are. Ask them!