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comment If you develop with ASP.NET, which other technologies do you use?
@Robert From DevExpress: "within the first 12 months from purchase date, you are guaranteed to receive product updates, including new features and bug fixes for the product or package you’ve licensed free of charge. When the subscription period expires, you can renew your subscription for an additional year. If you do not renew your subscription, you can continue to use the product you’ve licensed for as long as you wish but you would not receive new versions or updates unless you renew your subscription"
comment Are there any special advantages of SQL Server with Visual Studio?
+1 for the .NET dll imports and CLR integration! When done properly, this can make SQL Server extremely powerful/flexible!
comment How to sell/distribute my software?
Interesting article, but the point of the article is that there isn't really an answer to setting prices and has little to do with the OP's question since he is asking for practical advice.
comment How to improve relationships between consultants and staff programmers
What are your thoughts about buying? I've found that this annoys some people and others are annoyed if we don't pick up the tab.
comment Do I need to buy individual ios developer subscriptions for the members of my team, if I have a company subscription?
@user22418 you are limited to 99 devices per year to directly deploy too (and unlimited app store distribution) per subscription (With the $99 company license), you just have to include their UDID (from the device) in your provisioning portal. For in house distribution only (no app store), the $299 Enterprise license allows you to distribute your apps to anyone in your enterprise.
comment What pricing model has more benefits in mobile app stores: free or paid?
I think for WP7 apps the Trial mode should be used, but I've heard complaints that Free apps are still downloaded far more than the trial apps since they receive their own section in the marketplace. I've heard of developers releasing 2 apps (paid with ads in trial and free with ads that mimics exactly the trial and provides a link to the paid). I hate the idea of cluttering up the Marketplace (and I haven't done this), but I also would like to make money off of my apps. Any thoughts on this "strategy"?