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I'm terrible at writing these things; I always manage to make myself sound boring.

Well, for starters, I am lead programmer at a transportation company in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. My specialty is application programming on POSIX-compliant systems; my goal for any work project is to write the application with as much versatility as possible, meaning it is not tied down to a particular Linux distribution, UNIX or BSD.

As far as programming languages go, for work I tend to keep most of my code in Python (including Jython) with occasional bits of TCL, C, Java and shell scripting (I like to stick to sh-compatible scripts).

My favourite programming language to use for personal projects, hands down, is Common Lisp. The wonderful combination of age, power and versatility make it a perfect language in my books; there is not a single project, or niche, where it cannot perform the task.

On a less computationally-oriented note, I am Ukrainian, and a practitioner of Russian Martial Arts (a.k.a Systema). I play many instruments, but my current focus is on guitar.

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