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Former IBMer, Freelance Developer and Certified DBA

Author of Cola programming language and compiler for .NET - http://www.cola-lang.org . The project began as a multi-platform C# compiler, but I later decided to do something unique. I mean, why create another C# compiler? Cola is a CTS compliant implementation and interops with C# and VB.NET. Cola is a partial subset and superset of C#, which makes it an intersection. It has evolved into a fast-write, OO prototyping language with ideas from C#, C++, D, Go, Perl and Python.

Check out tetris.cola in the samples!

I was a Perl internals developer from 2001-2005 and wrote parts of the Perl6/Parrot Virtual Machine. I personally implemented the continuation and coroutine support, as well as garbage collected spaghetti stacks, register allocator, IO subsystem, PIR intermediate language. I was technical reviewer for Perl6 and Parrot Essentials by O'Reilly.

I am the author of MUD++, now on its 20th birthday. I wrote it in my college days. It had a stack based VM before VMs were cool? If you found me while googling MUD++, drop me an email! I am proud that the engine was actually used in commercial game engines, not to mention I used the server core in a IBM designed game for the Epcot Center at Disneyworld.

I can be reached at melvin@gyrasoft.com

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