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comment Bare minimum on the Joel Test
Regarding the "write code in an interview" one, I have difficulty when I'm doing phone/video conference screens as I typically do with this one. How can I hang up on them and hope they didn't take their code test over to their coding friend and have him do it instead? My temporary workaround then is an extensive technical screen, and still try and get him in for a code test at some point. Sometimes I don't get the luxury of an in-person interview at all though, if the candidate is going to be remote.
comment How to have an improved relationship with recruiters?
tend to concur, I've built an "inner circle" of recruiters who don't waste my time and the others get ignored primarily...
comment Got an idea for an application, but part of it is patented, any suggestions?
Good idea, I'd likely seek a lawyer before starting down any path in particular, I'm just curious what other people have done before starting down this path to begin with (Is it even worth it to go there, or just start over?)
comment Hand over source code to customer
Tend to agree with above, this needs to be spelled out in contract. Typically my agreements I'm generous with (and expect pay appropriately) and tell the customer "you own everything including source, you only leave me with a limited demo right to potential future clients and archival purposes".
comment How to obtain GPS Coordinates for local businesses?
funny a quick googling did nothing for me, must work on my google skillz a bit...