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comment Boss is afraid to use a version control system for new project, should I anyway?
The answers here are all good - I just want to add one thing: by using git/hg/svn yourself, you can really easily satisfy your boss' insane requirements! Just use the tool to generate the diff status and format as his UPDATE.NFO file!
comment Practical use of generic inheritance and interactions with non-generics?
Why don't you have Equip( T equipment )? You've already constrained T to be an Equipment. ( That's actually the point of making your class generic! )
comment Mercurial release management. Rejecting changes that fail testing
This seems ok if you know the feature is going away completely. If that's not true though, you may have problems: the backout looks like "i don't want this anymore" -- so if you go back to the original feature branch and fix the problems and then re-merge, you run a high risk of a bad merge because the backout looks like a "delete" that occurred after the original "add" in the feature.
comment Patterns for Continuous Integration and DVCS
If you haven't been there already, I suggest you head on over to the Kiln stack exchange site ( They have quite a bit of content about how to set this up (here's one:…. Personally, we use a branch per feature, and point the build server at our "master" branch.)
comment Why would you want to look at IL code?
Also, just to help understand how some poorly documented code works. We do this all the time when consuming a third-party DLL. Using .Net Reflector, we even do this for built in .Net DLLS from time to time.