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comment Is Java free/open source or not?
Google essentially took the book of Java, copied the Table of Contents and the beginning and end of every chapter filled in the blanks and said "we don't think it's copyright" and decided to challenge something in court instead of legally licensing Java, because they refused to make a compatible JVM and oracle didn't like that. API's are historically copyrightable (as is most code), but it is fair use to copy an API for interoperability. Given that Android isn't interoperable with Java, they are trying to lift the copyright protection of API's\
answered I'm doing 90% maintenance and 10% development, is this normal?
comment What is the single most effective thing you did to improve your programming skills?
I've generalized pretty well in my career, with a wide range of technologies and platforms. Recently I've specialized into the fields that I find of most interest. This has paid off greatly in my career. There is to many technologies to truly generalize, even if you only stick to open standards.