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comment Factors for choosing between using a wrapper library or issuing command line process from my web application
How portable does your app need to be? YMMV with command line operations being portable (paths to apps, dependencies, platforms). The advantage of command line apps is they will create a new process with independent memory space (not in JVM memory) And if a faulty conversion kills the process your JVM app will keep running.
comment How to access client application (Scanner or .exe) which are installed on client machine using web application
did you try to search for "twain activeX control"
comment Has there really not been one thing in the past 20 years that provided huge software development gains?
+1000 - you can get help in a few minutes instead working for a few days on an obscure issue.
comment How to support the sales team and avoid the “Often the sales team gets us into trouble just to get a commission” problem
I see a lot of pairs of salesperson/sales engineer working together on some of our bigger deals. It seems to help solve the tech problems. It may also help them calculate the true cost of the deal. The cost of additional development to close a deal is a cost-of-sale, not a product development cost.
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comment How does customized executable generation work?
@michaelT +1 long time ago I came across a antivirus program that put a CRC into a 'special' unused part of DOS .exe files. Can't remember the details and don't know if it will work in a modern OS but it might be a better approach than recompiling the app (and presumably the installer) for every customer.
comment More elegant way to avoid hard coding the format of a a CSV file?
unless i am misunderstanding the question, why not use a header row to define the columns and use one of the many Java CSV parsers to read/write the files? Then you can have any combination of columns in any order, when reading & writing the header row tells the parser the field layout/format of each file.
comment What exactly does it mean that storing “large blobs in the database reduces performance”?
It depends. If you planning on sending/receiving those files then you really need to write down your numbers, look at your hardware and figure out if it will work with blob storage. e.g N files x M gigabytes each being downloaded/uploaded by X users per hour. Then plan the disks/network/CPU/memory for the database to handle the peak load. For small projects it usually doesn't matter, on large systems the database transaction throughput slows down because the [expensive] database CPUs & SSDs are doing a job that could be done by IIS/streaming processes or scaled out to additional app servers
comment What is a battery backup up cache?
typically found on server RAID cards which support write caching. If the power fails and there is unwritten data, the battery will keep it alive in the cache so it can be written to disk when the server recovers
comment Why was strict parsing not chosen for HTML?
+1 yes, that's how it all started, in vi or notepad. With most pages being copied from bad example code, it never got better. Plus the WWW boomed, so anyone who could type became a web developer and it was all about getting in done fast.
comment Is the development of CLI apps considered “backward”?
+1 I had to explain to C level folks how 'Windows' was going back to text. It makes sense - every action can be scripted,tested and rolled out to thousands of servers rather than logging in to each box and trying to accurately replicate 200 mouse clicks. The OP should pitch his/her skills as scripting/automation rather than just as CLI. IIRC Windows offers powershell support from XP onwards. It's great to install pre-reqs by one script instead of a lots of clicking.
comment Algorithm, AI, or intelligent agent suggestions for ingesting poorly-formatted & variable data from different document types
I've done similar projects before with lots of coding. I haven't used (used to be Google Refine) but I will try it next time i get dirty data.
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comment Why did Alan Kay say, “The Internet was so well done, but the web was by amateurs”?
IMHO the biggest missed opportunity was not making HTML parsing strict e.g. the predecessors like SGML etc had strict parsing rules but the early web browers/UA allowed any sort of HTML and tried their best to display them. That made it easy for HTML to get started but caused problems for years.
comment A simple definition of client-server
+1 a server provides a service. It's been years since I programmed in it but IIRC the X Window system treated the end-user workstation/x-terminal as 'the server' and the Sun server as 'the client'. why? the workstation 'provided the graphic/display services' and the Sun server was the client that was requesting the graphics services so images & windows were drawn and displayed.
comment Database connection - should they be passed as parameter?
+1 db connections should have the shortest timespan possible. Open it, use it, close it as fast as possible. Nowadays there a plenty of connection pool implementations so using a connection for multiple operations a false economy. And an invitation for bugs or performance problems (holding locks on tables, using connection resources)
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answered Strategy to find bottleneck in a network
comment Sharing Large Database Backup Among Team
Other tools you might want to research are rsync/deltacopy which only transmits the delta, or ant/nant tasks to download it at night/weekend.