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comment Designing classes the right way
I came up with intersection as a connecting segment, it could be used to represent the end of the line (previous station only), or an element in the middle of the line (one previous station and one next station). In the end the station is a collection of all these connections
comment Best way to throw exception and avoid code duplication
The PHP code is making a shit toward this since you can have your function and force parameters to be arrays or instances of classes/interfaces, but since int, strings and other simple stuctures aren't managed through objects, you can't validate them based on type like in : function myFunction(array $myArray, myClass $object)
comment Best way to throw exception and avoid code duplication
I am not trying to write Java code in PHP, I used it only as an exemple, what I'm really trying to do is to make sure that all the pre condition for the function are met to make sure that I have a stable result and an higher traceability of the differents bugs that can occur du to bad method usage
comment In PHP, what are the different design patterns to implement OO controllers as opposed to procedural controllers?
Symfony 2 (base for the micro framework Silex), Zend Framework 2 are two of the many good php frameworks that works with the MVC design pattern and both have a dependancy injection container at their heart. If you want a standalone dependancy injection you can take a look at pimple
comment What is a good toy example to teach version control?
This link provide a good text example to explain how mercurial works hginit.com/01.html
comment Applicability of the Joel Test to web development companies
@vartec : The site was required to work without JS when the "degrades beautifully" was the mantra for Web development, now it has switched to "progressive enhancement", which mean that without css, images and JS you should get 100% of the content and most of the features working properly. With each layer being icing that had visual structure, interactivity and even some more advanced functionnalities.
comment TDD adding simple properties
@Chad: You don't need to have a 100% code coverage to have valid TDD, if your core logic is tested and your interface behave as expected you have a pretty good chance that these properties are covered. If you still really want to test thoses, you could test that the output contains the description value. (still using web development as example) To achieve that you could mock the request that will return a predictable content and then check for specific parts by traversing the sections you want to test (do the content of div#user .description = expected value)
comment TDD adding simple properties
@gnat: The PHP template for jenkins still relies on Apache Ant jenkins-php.org for build automation
comment What metrics should be used to measure memory consumption of a program for performance test?
Companies like newrelic.com provide systems that can wrap your application with minimal setup and get a whole lot of metrics.
comment Object oriented versus function oriented for backend design in PHP?
You want to have your structure loosely coupled, so if you pass objects around instead of having them instanciated in the constructor, you can replace them more easily (ie: you rework your response object to include a templating engine, then you just have to pass the new version and voilà, it works, instead of doing a lot of find and replace)
comment Should cases be reopened for bugs, or should bugs be opened as a new case?
You could open child cases of the main case for tracking, they will all be listed with the main case when you search for it
comment When is it acceptable to NOT fix broken windows?
base rule : Technical debt is ok to reach a deadline, but must eventually be compensated and the sooner the better
comment INI files or Registry or personal files?
Have you considered YAML, you get the best of both, ini and xml en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YAML
comment If you had two projects with the same specification and only one was developed using TDD how could you tell?
There will be no difference at all between both except the fact that the developpers on the TDD project will be more confidents about maintaining their code. (check slide 35 slideshare.net/rowan_m/tdd-and-getting-paid) it gets the heart of the idea
comment What is the best way to become a professional in PHP and Website Building?
You might want to check this slideshare presentation. It's from the symfony lead developper (One of the major PHP framework). slideshare.net/fabpot/look-beyond-php
comment Is it a really required skill to program without API documentation?
Has I work in a University, I see some professors not looking to have a lot of correction to do. So, some of them use shortcuts to trip the students and eventually avoid doing corrections since they failed early in the process
comment what is “graceful degradation”?
A good article on the subject codinghorror.com/blog/2011/04/…
comment How to design an algorithm-heavy and object-light application
Could also implement the facade design pattern when each package/namespace have to interact with each other, this way you can simplify the actual calls through an other layer of abstraction
comment How to set up for selective pushing with Mercurial?
This link illustrate on how to manage bug fixing with mercurial. ie: fix a bug in v1.x while working on v2.0 in the same trunk hginit.com/05.html
comment Who does test-driven development?
@CraigTP - right on, for most manager employees are only interchangeable pieces like furniture. The good managers understand that their job is not to control and manage their employees but to manage the world around them to make them able to work.