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Good Morning how are you, I'm dr jimbob
I'm interested in things.
I'm not a real dr,
But I am a real jim bob.

Have a PhD in Experimental High-Energy Physics, but left academia in mid-2010 to program professionally.

Mostly program/script in python, django, and jquery these days doing mostly web apps.

Also have experience programming in C, C++, java, haskell, php, and (bash) shell more in the past.

Linux as primary OS since 1999, ubuntu user since 2005 (Hoary).

comment Why do people use programming books?
Having a book as a reference is very useful--you gain from the experience of others. The "book" could even be extensive online documentation/tutorials like django or jquery. But trial & error + reading source alone will leave major gaps in your knowledge. Now if you only need a few lines of jQuery, your method works but you didn't learn the language. But if you want to learn C, I'd recommend having K&R as a reference. Sure most info is online somewhere, but scattered throughout many blog posts.