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..I think that programming is an art where there are very basic rules... for example, when you can't do it, ask to stackoverflow, maybe somebody believies he/she has the correct answer, if the answer does not match your feelings... then it could be done better..

There are some technologies I have been worked with, these are:

- C/C++/Win32 for pockect PC...
- Visual Basic 6, VBA for Excel/Word/Authocad...
- VB.Net/C#/ASP.Net, WinForms, Sql Server, Sybase (TSQL)
- Java/JSP/JSTL, prototype.js, MySql...
- Java 2EE/Struts 2/Spring, Hibernate (HQL), Oracle (PLSQL)
- NodeJS/jQuery/Express/HTML5, MongoDB
- Liferay/Portlets
- ArcGis JS/Dojo/Widgets

comment Stored Procedures a bad practice at one of worlds largest IT software consulting firms?
@bleakcabal: In resume, I consider Sps to be a well option for dealing with data access, we have used this approach successfully in large projects, for example for doing the same business task in different databases. We have changed Sps without affecting any line of application code.