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Hardcore .net developer

Specialties Include:
- BizTalk and Workflow
- FxCop and StyleCop
- Parsing and Compiling (especially CodeDom!)

comment Who decided on the terminology downcasting and upcasting?
Although they're somewhat self-explanatory, I haven't heard anyone actually use these terms. Have ye a reference? IOW: "You upcast to an object which can do less, and you downcast to an object which can do more." [citation needed]
comment Do You Have To Know CIL To Make A Compiler for .NET?
@SK: CodeDom is definitely missing built-in support for some specific things, but it's extendable, so I was able to add them in myself. I've definitely used Emit, but I found that while I was learning CIL being able to look at the .IL file my tool had generated and see any ILASM output on the command line was useful. Obviously, either way works.
comment Is anybody using graphical tools for doing software development?
Indeed, you can do that. Similarly, some people prefer to write code in Notepad. I like the things that a high-level designer does for me.