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Hardcore .net developer

Specialties Include:
- BizTalk and Workflow
- FxCop and StyleCop
- Parsing and Compiling (especially CodeDom!)

comment Who decided on the terminology downcasting and upcasting?
Although they're somewhat self-explanatory, I haven't heard anyone actually use these terms. Have ye a reference? IOW: "You upcast to an object which can do less, and you downcast to an object which can do more." [citation needed]
comment Do You Have To Know CIL To Make A Compiler for .NET?
@SK: CodeDom is definitely missing built-in support for some specific things, but it's extendable, so I was able to add them in myself. I've definitely used Emit, but I found that while I was learning CIL being able to look at the .IL file my tool had generated and see any ILASM output on the command line was useful. Obviously, either way works.