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comment How easy is it to hack JavaScript (in a browser)?
I know the OP specified "in a browser" but that cannot be relied upon as it is in some of the assumptions in the answers. Dickering over the exact semantics of a "prompt" in an environment where those semantics may be completely redefined by a compromised (or merely custom) client doesn't make sense. In fact, you cannot assume anything about what's at the other end of your TCP socket on the Internet especially when it comes to security. IMO the wrong answer got the checkmark, Joachim's is the correct response to any question about network security: it can only be done in the server.
comment Accurate/recommended approachs to tracking play length of a video
That's a perfectly reasonable approach. If you run a HTTP sniffer while viewing videos at popular sites you'll exactly this kind of thing in action.
comment Basic features for a basic language? DSL suggestions?
Surely "goto" is a mandatory feature of any BASIC?