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comment Mimicking a bluetooth disconnection
Perhaps wrap the bluetooth device in aluminum ? Basically some kind of a Faraday cage.
comment Do Scrum sprints mean to work at the fastest pace possible?
Nope, in a death march there is always "we just need to push to the next version, then we can refactor and fix bugs! oops, we promised the client the next next version in two months, just need to push to the next next version!" and so on, you get the idea.
comment What's the worst question you were ever asked at interview?
Ruling the world with an iron fist.
comment Should I Prefer Session Timeouts Based off of Prime Numbers?
It sounds like something that was dragged from the era of token ring networks, where using a random prime timeout lessened the chance of both stations colliding, waiting, and colliding again ad infinitum when trying to talk on the network. But even then, I don't anyone bothered to go with prime numbers and just used random numbers.
comment Are naming convention guidelines worth caring about?
@ironcode : That's actually what's called Apps Hungarian Notation, versus the Systems Hungarian Notation, and is a lot better. Most people are using the Systems unfortunately. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…
comment How many questions are appropriate to ask as an intern?
That is something that I'm trying to explain to my new hires, when they complain that they are stuck and frustrated, that I prefer that they would investigate on their own for an hour or two, and only then come to me for help, rather than me pointing at the file and solving their problem in 5 mins, exactly because they will learn a great deal more about the application on their own.
comment Fixing a bug that has never caused a problem until now
bad idea, if i'd caught one of my programmers doing something like that, i'd fire him on the spot, that's a guaranteed way to cause damage to the code and for anyone who has to maintain that code.