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In the real world I earn a living doing consultancy mainly using .NET, ASP.NET and Javascript.

Off the hook I have developed a few desktop apps using NodeJS and node-webkit and I explore mobile development with JavaScript and Cordova.

I am pretty versatile as I feel at ease with traditional backend and frontend development.

I consider myself a Software Developer building web, desktop, mobile apps.

What I like:

- Javascript
- NodeJS
- C#
- Unit test
- Async programming
- Functional programming
- OO
- Node-webkit
- Python
- Regex
- AngularJS
- Doing stuff off the hook :)
- Building apps

What I don't like:

- Doing only framework-centric stuff
- Over crappy code (nearly) impossible to refactor
- Doing server maintenance stuff
- Scrum master prophets
- Meeting focused on "Unleashing communication between people"