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In 2007 I got my bachelor degree in applied informatics in Belgium. Immediately after, I started working at the company where I did my internship, AIM Productions. I liked the work and colleagues at the company too much to give up entirely for further studies, so I decided to combine the two. In 2009 I started studying for my master in Game and Media Technology at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands and I graduated in 2012. Currently I'm a PhD student at the IT University of Copenhagen. As a member of the Pervasive Interaction Technology Lab (pIT Lab), I'm working on Next Generation Technologies for Global Software Development (NeXGSD) where I apply Activity-Based Computing (ABC) principles throughout the lifecycle of software development to improve tool integration and improve knowledge transfer between coworkers.

I mainly develop in C#, but occasionally do C++, PHP, Flash/actionscript 3 and Java projects. I care a lot about proper code design, and some people tend to say I overdo it.

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