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My Name is Ephraim

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I am the founder and CEO of Nebula Programming, LLC

I am a java programmer and Drupal web-developer.

I usually learn by picking up a book, reading it cover to cover, and then buying another book on the same subject which I never end up reading.

I own my own Dev-Server, Developed and published several websites including my most recent, MasadaICS.com, MasadaTactical.com MasadaProtection.com [MasadaHealth.com][16] and worked on several, one of which, was MTH Trains.

I have also started working on crackmycode.com, since apparently Stackexchange isn't interested

I have published 2 apps to the android market, which can be found here.

When I'm not programming, I'm teaching and training in Israeli Combat System at Masada Tactical. We're famous by the way!

In general, I'm a pretty awesome person (not Chuck Norris awesome, but sometimes I come pretty close)

If you're an employer, check out my Stack Overflow Careers 2.0 Profile!

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