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I'm a Software Developer. I use the best language for the job. I talk about software, programming, and usability on my blog.

What I'm Good at:
  • Communicating
  • Creating awesome software that delivers value
  • Self-aggrandizing sentences (like these).

How to Reach me
Catch me on twitter or Linked In. If you want to see what I've done, check my CV.

comment Logic inside class properties setters & getters
@JBeckton I migrated it away to Code review, and they rejected it. As the tag states, code-reviews are off topic here.
comment OO way to gather together data from multiple objects without getters
If you're going to use all those pieces of data together, why not encapsulate them in an object?
comment How are operating systems compiled and booted the very first time?
This question (as it stands) is both way too broad and not constructive ("Give me an article on the subject"). There's really not much you could do to have it stay on Stack Overflow, but with a bit of improvement in the question, it'd be good to migrate to programmers.
comment Is modern C++ replacing C#? Is Microsoft pushing developers to adopt C++?
Not to mention that for Web applications, .NET is great. If it were ever a 'replacement', it'd be for desktop apps, and not Web applications.
comment ASP.Net MVC 3: multiple versions of the site without changing of URL, is it possible?
What differenties the clients? Do you keep a persistent record of their company? Department? Etc? Where is that data stored? Is it stored in an auth cookie with the UserData token? Is it stored in a separate cookie? Is it stored server side? If you're able to answer these questions (by editing your question), it'll help give some more context to answer it. As it stands, it can only be answered in the most general terms.
comment ASP.Net MVC 3: multiple versions of the site without changing of URL, is it possible?
@Seacat It would help to have some code in your problem; right now it's very abstract and hard to answer as written.
comment ASP.Net MVC 3: multiple versions of the site without changing of URL, is it possible?
@Seacat The approach still works; Just have your views call the appropriate RenderAction based on whatever you choose to switch by.
comment How to implement a text editor in a browser?
With the lack of research, effort, and code, this question would be unsuitable for Stack Overflow in its current state.
comment Should Developers Perform All Tasks or Should They Specialize?
The two close votes are for "Not constuctive", and that close reason states: As it currently stands, this question is not a good fit for our Q&A format. We expect answers to be supported by facts, references, or specific expertise, but this question will likely solicit debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion. If you feel that this question can be improved and possibly reopened, see the FAQ for guidance.
comment We are moving an Access based corporate front-end into a Web-based App
@MaxVernon It was because of your later comment, "Kay? THANKS!" seemed a bit off putting.
comment We are moving an Access based corporate front-end into a Web-based App
I Downvoted because of the way you phrased your comment.
comment Return magic value, throw exception or return false on failure?
It's not that I think your question is too broad, it's that it's not a constructive question. There's no canonical answer as the answers are already showing.
comment What shoud I know or should be doing after six years of experience in software development?
"Be the change you wish to see in the world." If your company isn't unit testing, then why aren't you? You want to. Do it. Another pithy quote: "You can change your company, or you can change your company."
comment Should I add MSDN notes or Stack Overflow links to source code?
Is there someway you can structure the code to ensure this is only called once? I ask because comments usually are a sign that the cod e needs explaining, which is bad because the comments could become out of sync with the code that it's commenting.
comment Ease the pains of unit testing C# when you are the only person on the team unit testing
Read :"Working effectively with Legacy Code." By Michael feathers. It's a cornucopia of information on this topic.
comment Programming certificates
Since I'm going to have to caveat this, I may as well do it in the comments: Certifications like the Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server aren't in the same vein as programming certifications.
comment The dreaded C# programming interview test - any advice?
If you're a 'senior developer', and you've been using C# day-to-day for three years, you should be ok. These tests are normally meant to weed out those people that don't know the language or its uses. If you've been using it day to day for 3 years, then you should have run into nearly all the pitfalls in a given test.
comment is Ada really gone?
C# & .NET are also used in business applications written by defense contractors.
comment ASP.NET MVC: Getting User input in your Controller?
Since this is a question with a non-specific code answer (and is just asking for opinions) it doesn't belong here; it should be posted to Programmers.SE instead.
comment How can I sharpen my team player skills?
@akim Why did you edit a spelling error back in?