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comment Interesting interview question
This is a well explained answer. The scenario would be: if (i
comment Logical progressions through the job market
Maybe I'm just depressed. I just blatently failed an online technical test for a C based position where the questions were insane. It wasn't even a coding challenge. Questions about DNS caching, fix an unreadable bash line, explain why I don't want to run that :(){:|:} fork bomb thing I recognised from memory. Explain ZFS and fuck loads others I can't remember. It's got me feeling the gap can't be overcome. How do you deal with that?
comment What technical details should a programmer of a web application consider before making the site public?
One thing I suggest you add to your security section, is that all files you serve up should be compared to a whitelist of allowed folders, or to "jail" the webserver. This stops someone using http://server/download.php?file=../../etc/password. Never expose file paths to the user.
comment Why isn't software as reliable as a car?
I disagree with this statement: "As an aside, this is one of the main reasons that applying traditional engineering techniques to software engineering is a disaster.". Software development definitely involves engineering principles: Reusable components, composition, stress testing, building blocks etc