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comment Multi-tenancy - single database vs multiple database
Is there any chance this will move to a PaaS cloud environment like Azure? If so, you'll want to consider best practices for the environment as well. Last time I looked, MS recommended multiple databases for multitenant software on Azure.
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comment Is C++ suitable as a first language?
Like justkt, I was taught "procedural C++" as my first language, and other than fostering some biases that linger to this day, it didn't hurt me.
comment Why do programmers write closed source applications and then make them free?
@Ken: That's not strictly true. Working for yourself entails certain bits of work that not everyone wants to be involved with. I have looked at the option of working for myself, and while I feel confident I could do it, I have no desire to deal with a lot of the minutiae that would come with it. I found a company I'm happy to work for, that values me, and I'm content working for them.