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A passionate team leader who loves his work and is always available to discuss the best approach to do things. As a leader, I seek for having not only the code done but the end user needs solved (which sometimes means no coding!).

I'm a little freaky about organization; I have (I believe) an above-the-average tendency to make sure not only coding is done but also documentation is updated and the 'non-code' is also done properly (requirements met, etc.).

After some years, I realized that coding is only a very small part of IT job: if coding is most of the work, then the work is being done wrongly! Besides, since 2011 I'm using Toggl to track my working hours to have a better view of where my working efforts are going. If by the end of the day you have that feeling of having accomplished nothing, I strongly suggest to use something like this. It worth a shot!

I'm also interested in volunteer activities (especially digital inclusion), so if you need a hand from a Portuguese / Spanish / English speaker, feel free to drop me a message!

If you want to know more about me, check me out @ LinkedIn or through my personal blog where I share the Lessons I learned (most of them, the hard way!).

comment Project Dashboards
If you want, you can expose your problem @ pm.stackexchange.com. I wouldn't suggest you to ask directly for a tool as tool recommendation is actually considered offtopic to the site, but if you put it in a way your present a problem that may be solved by a tool, then I consider it as a valid question...
comment Project Dashboards
Do you want to find a solution for your problem or you already decided you'll build a new one?
comment Develop fast and buggy, then correct errors or be slow, careful for each line of code?
+1 for highlight the only (IMO) valid usage for #1.
comment Over a million COBOL programmers in the world?
@vartec, it seems we work for quite similar companies... but I can tell that the COBOL here is still widely used. Important thing: If we're supporting applications BUT there's only a few projects supporting COBOL, it does not mean that COBOL isn't widely used. It means that the places where COBOL is used are stable enough to keep like this. On the other hand, are these Java-based application running without any maintenance at all?
comment Over a million COBOL programmers in the world?
+1 for @MetalMikester. COBOL is still broadly used because it IS working. Why change the whole core of a banking system? Think of how long this migration process could take and the risks in case it fail. I've seen several layers being applied over COBOL... but the core, remains COBOL.
comment Separating Data and Implementation
Maybe a question to SO instead of PM?
comment Any hard evidence on how much smart phone app developers have actually earned?
'So, it is clearly not worthwhile to bother doing any "average" apps': if one application is being sold, is because the developer believes it worths, IMO. Otherwise, he'd keep it free. Who could sell an 'average' application and expect to have profits with it?