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comment Harmful temptations in programming
@MattFenwick sorry if you got confused with my name. I changed my nickname after writing this answer. I see that your background is more in research. My answer derives largely from my experience of developing solutions to sell. But I am sure, there are certain similarities between my line of work and yours since we both do programming.
comment Harmful temptations in programming
Points 6-9 pertain more to the neurotic tendencies of a programmer. I read somewhere (can't find it) that a designer would always approach any problem with a design solution; a marketer with a marketing solution; and a programmer with a code solution. Yes, the dreaded "When you have a golden hammer, all you see are nails syndrome". THis is particular evident in point 6) Solving a productivity problem with more programming
comment Harmful temptations in programming
@MattFenwick Hi there, thank you for your +1. Points 1-5 usually applied in the scenario of creating a product to sell, though you can also apply it to scenarios where your tendency to find the best answer leads you to research extensively on prior art. E.g., in research.
comment what tools should I use for quality assurance and testing for front end javascript?
Thank you for the suggestions. My javascript code is more for stuff like: a) when hover over something, something happens. b) when drag n drop, something happens. For code like these, how do I write such unit tests?
comment Should an API platform enforce only receiving JSON requests?
Your last statement is right. I just don't see the same benefits for enforcing on the Requests to be JSON. So if I am making the usual GET/POST/PUT/DELETE requests and there is file upload involved in some of the api calls, should i still enforce certain formats for the Content-Type?