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Software developer, Rails, Ruby, Javascript, etc. I am mostly involved web development and general systems design work but have also built a couple of end-to-end LOB applications. CTO and co-founder of WealthBar which provides customized personal financial advice and investments for Canadians.

comment Using single characters for variable names in loops/exceptions
Eeeew... out of curiosity why would you ever need to search for a loop index, a loop is a completely standard construct and no matter what you call 'i' you are going to locate, at a minimum, all the loops in your project.
comment How far to go with unit tests
Yeah I figured it was probably something you were familiar with, but worth mentioning nonetheless. I also think we all probably have somewhat of a hybrid model. I've been finding myself doing a lot more test first lately though. I feel that switching to MSpec and specifications style tests helped. Though I still write some code I just can't be bothered to test first.