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comment Code maintenance: To add comments in code or to just leave it to the version control?
In a system where version control is coupled with the bug/requirements system full tracability is provided without the need for comment. It's sometimes helpful to work the other way. Given a file from SCM, show me what requirements were implemented when. Or, given a requirement show me all files modified to implement it.
comment Why isn't SSL/TLS built into modern Operating Systems?
Why are there not jpeg libraries? Same effective question. You're looking at the wrong location of the stack. All modern OSs have something bundled to provide SSL support. (MSFT has the .NET SDK, linux/solaris have a bunch, +there are others)
comment Antonym to “cross-functional team”
All organizations can exist with a mixture of different structures. The term team has a very specific connotation within OB though, the characteristics of which are nearly polar opposite to that of a heiarchy. I think I should have stayed out of this question as it isn't realy apt for this forum (discussing differences in teams, worgroups, commitees, etc. flat vs. matrix, vs. heiarchial structures. [and more]). I bet we'd get a great discussion if the question was moved to the Project Management site.
comment Ruby freelancing: realistic expectations?
Agreed. I don't work for less than $80/hr on 1099 work. Most of my clients aren't interested in people that charge less than about $60.
comment ScrumMaster Interview Questions
I like this, as a common interview question I ask is: "What is the worst code you've ever seen?". In most cases I expect that the answer is something that they wrote themselves.
comment As a consultant, how can I amaze my clients?
To clarify "underpromise and overdeliver" I'm not talking about giving away free services, or "gold plating" something they didn't ask for. Completing a project early and under budget would be a good example.