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iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X Software Engineer based in London, UK.

Currently Senior iOS Software Engineer at ASOS.com.

Working on Provenance, a multi-system retro console emulator, in my free time as a labour of love.


comment What is the (craziest, stupidest, silliest) thing a client/boss asked you to do?
Witty :P - except Microsoft aren't bust... yet.
comment What are the warning signs of impending doom to watch out for on a project?
Isn't this just a summary of the infamous Netscape rewrite?
comment Identifying programming languages by a piece of code
While it may not be the best example of good code, it is indeed compilable.
comment How to handle conflicts between developers in your team?
@David - The criterion for the site itself is questions related to programming. Nowhere does it it say they can't be related to anything else. If you swap out the term developer, then you're asking a different question, just because the answers are similar doesn't make it the same question. What is 3 + 3? 6. How many legs does an insect have? 6. The two questions are completely different, yet the answers are the same. Developers can be completely socially different to, say, members of an emergency service team. Both will have conflicts, both will have different ways to solve the conflicts.
comment How to handle conflicts between developers in your team?
I think the question is fine as it stands. The difference is that if a question had no relations to programmers we could object, whereas if a question relates to programmers but can also relate to other things, I don't see an issue. Many things in programming that are acceptable on this site can also be applied to many other topics and areas.
comment Has programming for a living ruined your ability to enjoy technology?
"I'll just create a VB-GUI to track the killer's IP address and we can go pick him up!" - If I could vote up more than once, I would.
comment How do you overcome your own coding biases when handed legacy code?
Happens all the time for me. I'm constantly looking back on old code and thinking to myself: "Who wrote this crap? Oh yeah.. I did." I think it shows that you're growing as a programmer if you can admit that some code you wrote in the past is bad. If you look back on it and say "Yep, looks good to me", either it's damn good code, or you're not progressing. :P
comment When would someone be considered a bad programmer?
What about, "It can't be done because it will take too long and cost too much"? Or, (iPhone specific) "It can't be done, it relies on undocumented methods or is against app store policies". Does that make them bad programmers.
comment What is the (craziest, stupidest, silliest) thing a client/boss asked you to do?
@Michael, it depends how one pronounces SQL. Some Say S-Q-L, in which case it would be preceded with "an" because the phonetic S is "ess". Others pronounce it "Sequel" in which case it should be preceded by "a".
comment Most readable way to format long if conditions?
I think I like this one. I employ a lot of parenthesis to ensure I can understand the order of precedence too.