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All original source snippets I post on any StackExchange site are dedicated to the public domain and licensed under the terms of the Unlicense or CC0, whichever is most appropriate for your use. Do with them as you see fit, no attribution necessary (but it is appreciated) except when using for other answers on Stack Overflow itself, attribution is then required. Please observe the license requirements of any third-party libraries or snippets that my code references (if any), as they may supersede this non-license.

I tend to be a rather outspoken critic of using frameworks or libraries for the sake of using Great New Thing X, and especially for the sake of doing Easy And Basic Thing Y. Especially when it comes to Drupal or jQuery; I prefer my coffee black (http://jsfiddle.net/GRMule/SvPUk/)

comment Mixing jQuery with JavaScript
Like jAIDS or jCLAP, nothing to trifle with. The only safe library is abstinence!
comment Raw JavaScript or jQuery? Where to start from?
Yes, for some reason jQuery inspires fanaticism. I think you're much better off sitting down with jQuery after learning the ropes and knowing that the $.foo function is doing x, y, and z for me, so I don't have to do a and b. If you don't know a and b even exist and just learn to use $.foo, you're now crippled and dependent. Where I live, they have clinics for that condition, not something you'd lead someone else into on purpose. :)
comment Five or fewer tips to writing good JavaScript?
-1 coffee script is not a tip for writing good javascript. What a silly idea.
comment When NOT to use a framework
@kuba5003 - As it happens, I can write both, but that's not the point. :) Even were I unable to write in those languages, I still ought to have a conception of them -if I were going to write device drivers-, even though I could and probably would use a much more high level language to accomplish my end goal. In the web world, a "Drupal programmer" ought to have a foundation in PHP. My argument on this score is that there is a bell curve of specialization, and when you specialize to the exclusion of basic knowledge, there are diminishing returns.
comment Random number generation algorithm for human brains?
@S.Lott No, Konrad isn't on his own. If anything is absurd, it is that you have expended your time and effort here for no perceivable or conceivable gain - other than to try and take someone down a peg. You're busy winning internet points by being the ubiquitous "guy who calls you an idiot". If you think it is so absurd, it would have involved far less personal effort to keep your distaste to yourself. That you were unable to do so is, in my view, award-winning.