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comment Why is putting something on the stack called “push”?
I'm tempted to -1 for hello kitty, but it wouldn't do the answer and the analogy justice. So +1 from me.
comment Why don't all companies buy developers the best hardware?
@FarmBoy: point taken. Although it means the case could be extended to software tools required for development. I've had numerous instances where a third-party tool could have saved so many hours (repeatedly) and yet the misconception seems to be that we have "developers" (as if there are no differences) in-house who should do this or that, distracting them from their main task at best, creating a bad make-shift solution in the worst case, though. But I get your point better now, I guess. I got hung up on the hardware notion too much. Sorry about that.
comment Why don't all companies buy developers the best hardware?
For build machines that might be okay, but workstations, honestly? ... come on folks, be a bit modest. You think the users for which you write your software have the latest and greatest hardware? Could you perhaps notice inefficiencies in your code without a profiler on a somewhat slower machine? A good screen and keyboard are much more important to me than the latest an greatest CPU. After all I have to type on that keyboard every day. But I do not have to run a full rebuild several times a day, especially because dependency scanning makes rebuilds cheap - even without SSD.
comment A client wants us to screen work machines for pornography. Is it possible?
+1, nice idea. Social engineering the other way ;)