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I'm a programmer, occasional sysadmin, Unix automator, and general geek living in New Jersey (but in the general sphere of New York City).

The majority of my code is written in Perl (my weapon of choice) but I'm also familiar with C, JavaScript, and Bourne sh and bash. I also have some passing familiarity with (or ancient memories of) Java, C++, Python, Prolog, BASIC, older flavors of Visual Basic, and more.

I dabble in Haskell but I've never thrown a real problem at it.

I run Linux at home and at work but that doesn't mean I'm ignorant of other systems :)

comment Why do some functional programming languages use a space for function application?
Nor are non-functional languages that unanimous in requiring parentheses; for a few examples, Smalltalk has object method: args, Objective C has [object method: args], and Ruby and Perl both allow omitting parentheses in function and method calls, only requiring them to resolve ambiguity.
comment Is this statement from Knuth's fundamental algorithms still applicable today?
It's not clear to me in what sense it was ever true — 10! is a mere few million. Too large for direct comprehension, but not particularly hard to compute with, even with pen and paper.
comment How do you address the gap on your resume after a self-funded sabbatical?
@ChrisF it could, but hiring is different in the programming world than in many other fields, and programmers' resumes have different expectations than other people's. So even though it might be a generic sort of question, it still has potential to draw programmer-specific answers.
comment How can this all fit into 64kb?
Of course there are several megabytes of system libraries without which this thing wouldn't be able draw a single polygon...
comment Is 4-5 years the “Midlife Crisis” for a programming career?
He wouldn't be wrong ;)