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comment Why is Android Runtime's AOT compilation more performant than Dalvik's JIT?
@gbjbaanb Because I wasn't aware of that.
comment Why is Android Runtime's AOT compilation more performant than Dalvik's JIT?
@gnat I am asking what their technical reasons for switching to AOT compilation were; furthermore, that is only one part of the question. I can change my phrasing if you would prefer but I strongly disagree that this is in any way the kind of question that would be more appropriate for customer service.
comment Why is Android Runtime's AOT compilation more performant than Dalvik's JIT?
In what way is this a "customer service" type question?
comment How to Quantify the Value of Unit Testing
It'd still be nice to have a source on that data which describes, for example, how measurements were taken and what metrics were used for "cost." Otherwise the chart is just pulled out of thin air and is as good as any made-up statistic. In any case, I think using it as the be-all-end-all is unwise, as the cost of fixing an issue in production varies according to what your production environment actually is, and what your customers are expecting. For the record, I am 100% for unit testing, but I don't think the chart really helps to answer the original question.
comment Is there a language out there in which parameters are placed inside method name?
+1 I wish every language did this. <3 Objective C.
comment Is it acceptable to use lambda functions\methods in business software?
I'm posting this as a comment rather than an answer because it's just a variation on what everyone else has already said: I'd go ahead and use them. Contrary to what most people have said, I wouldn't bother with adding comments all over the place just to explain that you're using a language feature which is honestly rather simple. Comments should explain business logic and why implementation choices were made, not educate developers about language features with which they should already be familiar. If you know your junior devs don't understand lambdas, sit them down and explain the concept.
comment Custom vs. browser-native scrollbars
Expanding on Chad's question, I think generally you should only replace OS-native controls if you absolutely need to in order to provide additional functionality. (An example would be a rich select list.) I can't see why you'd need to use a custom scrollbar. What are you trying to accomplish?
comment Do I have the wrong idea about software engineering?
Similar question:…
comment How loyal should I be to my present employer?
For anyone else who was confused by the second point (yelling/threats), the original question did mention yelling but it was later edited out.