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I had something here once. It was about work. Now I gratefully work at Google. It's nice. If only more people I referred got hired too.

comment Can you actually produce high quality code if you are sleep deprived?
I read this question the day after having been awake for 38 hours, 32 of them at work. I wanted to say something about it, but basically any non-distracted time spent programming is good for your output, but when you're totally tired you're not non-distracted. You can however build, test, debug, document and polish if you're obsessed with getting it to some imagined correct state.
comment Why do programmers write closed source applications and then make them free?
Free software breaks? I'm sorry you choose bad free software. Have you tried something like Ubuntu? So much quality software in one nice package. And, IE or Chrome being free isn't a bigger issue to you? How's a solitary programmer going to compete with that?