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My main interests lie in the field of Web Development. I have a experience working with - and sometimes teaching - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Java (swing, servlets, jsp), ASP.net and SharePoint 2007, as well as a BEng in Software Engineering. My education in Software Engineering has also given me insight into UML, Requirements, Object Oriented Analysis & Design, Design Patterns, and basic Architectural concepts.

comment Code review process when using GIT as a repository?
No, I mean have multiple repositories; one per developer, and on that repository they can have as many branches as they want. As for pull, I don't know what the command would be in TortoiseGIT - but the command is git pull. It's the opposite of a push - you pull changes from the remote repository to update your environment with work other devs might have done.
comment Where does the term “Front End” come from?
Good find! "computer that processes or routes input for a central computer"; "The front-end machine handles all input/output operations..."; +1
comment Where does the term “Front End” come from?
Well the word "mouse" was around before computers but we can still credit Bill English with using it in the context of computers. I'm hoping we can find the same information for "front end".
comment Identifying which pattern fits better
I'm with @S.Lott. I don't see a concise enough problem to identify a single Design Pattern to use.
comment What is Object Oriented Programming ill-suited for?
Could you make the words "Liskov principle" link to something, like the wikipedia article about it? I for one didn't know (or didn't remember?) what it was until I read this.