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I'm an electrical engineer with a passion for (open source) software and system identification. Linux is my work horse, MATLAB is my technical tool and LaTeX is my writing implement of choice.

comment When should I make the first commit to source control?
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comment Never use Strings in Java?
@Jubbat: indeed I assume more than what the author is stating. But my point is that either you have a simple application, in which case either way is overly complicated. For that scale, maintainability is not an issue and semantic distinction impedes your coding speed. If on the other hand, your application is large, it becomes worthwhile to properly define your types (but it is unlikely to be simple wrappers). IMHO, his examples are just not convincing or have major design flaws beyond the point he is trying to make.
comment Do we still have a case against the goto statement?
@FredOverflow: or you can give them the advice "only use goto when you know what you're doing", which boils down to "don't" in 99% of the cases. And that's exactly what's being done nowadays: we say "don't", thereby missing that small fraction of cases where goto could be used responsibly. This is helping both the people who can and cannot foresee the implications of using goto.
comment One-line functions that are called only once
@vemv: I think he means by "proper level of abstraction" that you don't end up with code that has different levels of abstraction mixed (i.e. what Kilian Foth already said). You don't want your code to handle seemingly insignificant details (e.g. the formation of all bonds in fuel) when the surrounding code is considering a more high-level view of the situation at hand (e.g. running an engine). The former clutters the latter and makes your code less easy to read and maintain as you will have to consider all levels of abstraction at once at any time.