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Happily married for more than 9 years, father of an 5y energetic boy.

Currently remote working as a System Designer, for a very nice company in southern Germany.

I love software development (create things), I think that with software you could build everything, it's just a metter of how hard it is to build it, and I don't like to settle for anything less than high quality software. For me, high quality means: great user experience, fast and most important reliable. I need technical challenges in my day to day life, without them I would be really bored. I'm addicted to science and technology (software, internet, physics, mechanics, astronomy, you name it).

comment How to structure GUI program with a database
I do mean a Web app (visible via any Browser). It all depends on what you need. I work on an app that's composed of 70% C++ code, a DB, and we expose a Web UI (and a CLI for those with access to the server). The customers like the web approach because it's hassle free, you have one/more admin(s) granting access in the app, and you don't care with which machine they log with (in their LAN). And all this for a very complex app. Also if you're scared of browser compatibility you can negotiate with customers. We charge them a lot if they ask for compatibility with older browsers. Hope this helps.
comment How to structure GUI program with a database
If there any restriction forbidding you to to install the app on only one machine, and open up a web interface where the other machine can connect to (instead of a local GUI). There less overhead, easy to manage, easy to get new users in, and more secure (you don't store code, passwords on each machine). But it all depends on what does the actually app does.
comment Is Object Oriented Programming a solution to complexity?
+1 very good explanation, I like that you quoted from SICP (is one of my favorite lectures). Even if they are very very old, I think every programmer needs to watch them at least once :).
comment browsing with curl instead of firefox (or any other browser)
@Peter Taylor : I am curious if one of you had been in a similar situation, and what did you do, or what would you do if someday you will get into a similar situation.
comment How can I tell in an interview if a programmer is passionate about programming?
@Falcon: Agree, you could be a passionate programmer but after all you are human as well, you have a life, you have a family, kids etc ... in my spare time i read what's new in programming (RSS, tweater, facebook etc ...) while playing with my kid or while listen to my wife :) , so a proff that I am passionate: My wife need's to do "something" on a PC, so I wrote her a program to help her (somethimes simple JS bookmarlets, somethimes bash ...) ;)
comment To be strict or pragmatic?
Agree with Carlos, When I saw the software that my company used, I was amased it was working ... Tried to do a better job, but when the boss comes at 4PM and says: "We need this by tommorow" what can you do ... you just make it work as fast as you can (P.S. my boss allways tels me he just needs a beta version) :)
comment Jobs that use programming which aren't in the technology sector
@aceinthehole - my wife did something similar (copied a lot of things from some websites and paste in Excell), after seeing what she was doing, I sad to her "You need to learn programing" and I made her some "bookmarklets" to help, with them she was more the 25x faster, she didn't get more respect, just questions "how do you do it, can you learn me ?" :)
comment Is it “normal” for people to not work?
This was exactly my problem when I got hired, I did all the work in 20% of the time it took others, so in about 2 years, I has promoted to "Backbone Engineer", and lead Software Developer (I'm in Romania, here a job means doing more then one thing), so where is your company ? I'm a hard working guy :))
comment Types of quotes for an HTML templating language
@Ralph, I'm glad I could help :)